Nourishing Beard Balm and primer 4oz

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Nourishing Beard Balm and primer 4oz

Our beard balm primer spray is formulated to open up the hair follicles to better receive the balm once applied for maximum moisture. Our supple beard balm soothes and softens your beard while moisturizing and taming wild hairs. It's just thick enough, but won't clog your pores and with a light fresh scent that you will love!
Also available in unscented.

***Due to temperature/climate variations during shipping, product may melt. If this happens, please store in a cool place or even refrigerate and then return to room temperature for use. I do not want to compromise the integrity of chemical free ingredients by adding a preservative.

Ingredients: virgin shea butter, beeswax, virgin cocnut oil, vitamin E oil, fragrance

4oz jar
Ingredients: African Shea Butter, virgin coconut oil, Vitamin E oil, beeswax, fragrance